Guidelines implemented easily and flexibly!

In the SMX series, the SMX Pessral is an optimal solution for the stringent requirements in the field of elevator technology. 
With the compact, programable safety control SMX10P/11P you can implement these easily and flexibly.
The safety devices are EU type certificated as PESSRAL component for applications up to SIL3. The integrated safe logic control in connection with a vast number of safety functions for speed, ramp and position monitoring delivers you any required margin for specific solution approaches and the use of well established components. With the easy-to-configure data interface, adaptation to your elevator control system is quick and safe!

Series at a glance

  • Suitable for the use as Pessral in accordance with DIN EN 81-20/50:2014, in safety functions up to SIL3
  • Safe logic control, Extensive safety functions for speed, ramp and position monitoring 
  • 14 safe inputs, 2 signal output, 3 safe output channels, 1 of these a safe relay output
  • Flexible interface for  speed and position encoders
  • Configurable data interface for communication with standard elevator control via CAN / CANopen / Real-Time Ethernet
  • Optional decentralized extension/arrangement via CAN or Ethernet connection
  • Simple and transparent programming and parameterization with SafePLC²

Safety functions

acc. to DIN EN 81-20/50:2014


  1. SIL3: Monitoring shut-down and power-off for drive
  2. SIL3: Monitoring/ triggering/ activation of safety gear
  3. SIL2/3: Monitoring of deceleration/reduced speed on pit/head area in case of reduced elevator shaft pit/head, replacement of mech. emergency limit switch, relative position and low speed monitoring on position adjustment with open door, deceleration and speed monitoring for early door opening, standstill monitoring on early start procedure
  4. SIL3: Inspection control panel (E-stop, inspection mode switch, revelling switch, reduced speed)
  5. SIL3: Monitoring of elevator car door
  6. SIL3: Position monitoring and triggering of telescopic apron
  7. SIL3: Monitoring of elevator shaft door safety chain