SCU Master and Slaves

Perfect safety solution

The SCU series offers safe master and slave devices for FSoE communication in the EtherCAT environment. With the integrated functions they provide an ideal basis for solving any safety task in the EtherCAT environment.

In addition to the standard functions for input, output and logic processing, special functions for time and functionally demanding applications are integrated. Deterministic program runs ensure defined response times. With the optional fast channel processing, very fast reactions, e.g. to a light curtain, are also possible. Synchronous sampling, fieldbus communication and processing enable the monitoring of variables from kinematic models of a drive group such as TCP monitoring etc.


  • Safe logic processing of input, output, status and activation signals
  • Easy and transparent programming and parametrization with SafePLC²
  • Fast response time - fast channel task with guaranteed processing time of 4 ms
  • Complete set of drive monitoring for single axes and calculated axes (output kinematics function)
  • Time deterministic data communication and processing for safe position and velocity functions even over distributed sensors / multiple axes
  • Profiles specifically adaptable to inverter types / manufacturers for process data exchange and central parameterization
  • Optional safe kinematics module for 6/12 axes for spatial speed / position monitoring
  • Safe data exchange between several SCU (FSoE master) by SMMC (Safe Master - Master Communication) via EAP
  • Optional additional fieldbus interface and FSoE- / PROFIsafe slave stack or safe connection to higher-level control levels
  • Suitable up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL3 (IEC 61508)