Safety must ensure both the protection of man and machine as well as the necessary flexibility and availability in the automated plant. We offer the appropriate components from safety technology and support you in the risk assessment as well as the safety concept and validation.


Our solutions are

  • Flexibly expandable – by modular scalable expansion stages of our product portfolio for stand-alone operation as well as fieldbus-based systems.
  • Economical – save time and costs during installation and commissioning
  • Convenient to integrate –  our safety controllers can be easily integrated into any automation environment and into any standard and safety environment
  • Safety –  consistently reduce risks with safe system solutions
  • Compatible – with third-party products
  • Maintenance-free – long service life of up to 20 years

Example: Automation for electric monorail systems (EMS)

Automation for electric monorail systems (EMS)


Overhead conveyors and electric monorails are used in production facilities to transport heavy loads over long distances. This often leads to a conflict as the vehicles cross people's paths. Blocking the travel paths is often not possible or desirable. Overhead conveyors in particular are also used as workpiece carriers on which workers carry out their daily work. In order to make assembly work as effective as possible, the parts to be processed are not only moved through the workshop, but also moved into the optimum position for the worker's work. Human-machine interactions naturally harbor some dangers for workers or even uninvolved passers-by. For example, people are constantly in the area of the moving vehicles, which also have a great potential for danger due to the large mass inertia potential. However, protection of the mechanical equipment is also necessary. Collisions must not occur at interfering contours or with other vehicles. The commissioning, repair operation or maintenance of electric monorail systems is also a potential hazard.


BBH | SAFETY solutions+
safe Automation


  • Safe position monitoring with the unique combination of safety control and DataMatrix positioning system

    Detecting the exact absolute position on electrified monorail systems (EMS) in production lines has never been easier. Thanks to code redundancy and large reading windows, the PXV-BBH DataMatrix positioning system reliably detects the position even if the code tape is dirty or damaged.
    >  With only one sensor and the safety control solution, up to SIL3 / PL e is achieved
  • Safety functions:



Your advantages

  • Safe Motion integrated –safe speed, position and velocity monitoring for drive monitoring
  • Softwaretool SafePLC2 – simple and transparent programming and parameterization of our safety controllers
  • Extensive safety functions – according to SIL3/PL (d/e)
  • Optional wireless funtions – via dsi communication
  • Space-saving controllers – small installation space and easy mounting
  • Expandable at any time – complete system or individual components
  • Quick and convenient assembly


top: graphical representation of "Safe ARithmetic Calculation (SARC)" functions for realization of 3-axis EMS monitoring, functions integrated in SCU Master devices;
bottom: application implementation with SMX series devices with PXV interface

Relevant products


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fieldbus based solutions - FSoE Master and Slaves

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For complex machining and production centers


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