Safety at its best

Whether high-precision digital control technology or control and instrumentation technology for complex plant engineering - BBH Products offers solutions at the highest level.

In a wide variety of projects, from high-precision digital control technology for research antennas to complex distributed multi-axis systems with synchronous driving controls, BBH Products has been able to demonstrate its capabilities many times and for many years.

We have many years of experience as suppliers of safety systems, using new technologies our passion - this guarantees you the latest technology with the highest reliability. In many hundreds of safety-relevant applications we have proven our safety know-how and added new experience.

BBH Products has in-depth knowledge of relevant safety standards, broad implementation experience and "in-house" resources for safety engineering, hardware design and product selection as well as programming and commissioning of industry standard safety controllers and fieldbuses. BBH Products was created in practice and born by the need in application.


We put this experience at your disposal. Call on us. If it should be only a tip, an advice or a simple consultation, or consult us with a safety-technical system solution, a risk analysis, or with a system FMEA.

We also take care of the complete execution and documentation of the safety inspection or acceptance of your task - BBH Products offers you an optimal and complete service for your machine and plant safety.

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Development and installation, distribution and trade of industrial digital control systems and components.

Year founded



Gerhard Bauer



Turnover (2019)

10 Mio.