ACC. TO EN 61800-5-2

Conventional safety controls are limited to logic processing or to reduced word processing of data. Safe drive monitoring, as required by the European Machinery Directive from the end of 2009, cannot be implemented with them. 

Our series, on the other hand, offer full future security. By means of safety functions for drive monitoring integrated in the firmware, the new tasks can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the drive technology, our safety controllers offer all functions according to EN 61800-5-2 for drive monitoring and, in addition, practical function extensions.

Whether in single or multiple operation, whether simple inverter or high-quality servo drive, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive, the safety functions integrated in the firmware are easy to use and guarantee full future safety!

SSX | Safe Stop 1 or 2Monitoring of braking ramp and motor switch-off after standstill (SS1) or monitoring of braking ramp and SOS after standstill (SS2). Corresponds to stop category 1 or 2 according to DIN EN 60204-1.Monitoring of the expected delay, course of the delay can be parameterized (S-clearance)
SOS | Safe Operation StopMonitoring standstill with active motorSpeed or relative position monitoring, optional fast channel monitoring (2 ms
SLA | Safely-Limited AccelerationMonitoring of exceeding of an acceleration limit valueFilter value for acceleration parameterizable
SLS | Safely-Limited SpeedMonitoring of a speed limit valueOptional deceleration monitoring for reduced speed, filter value for reduced speed parameterizable
SLT | Safely-Limited TorqueMonitoring of a torque / force limit valueOptional range monitoring, addition of two values, parameterizable, filter parameterizable
SLP | Safely-Limited PositionMonitoring the exceeding of a position limit valueCourse of deceleration parameterizable (S-shape), brake monitoring, velocity / position limit curve parameterizable for monitoring the approach
SEL | Safe Emergency LimitSafe monitoring of the minimum and maximum position, or the permitted position range. Optional monitoring of the speed/position limit curve to minimize the worst-case overrun.Min. position value, Max. position value, Optional deceleration and grinding form/time.
SLI | Safely-Limited IncrementCompliance with a specified step size during travel is monitoredDirection monitoring, Max. Movement in opposite direction parameterizable
SDI | Safe DirectionThe unintended direction of movement of the motor is monitoredMax. Movement in opposite direction parameterizable
SBC | Safe Brake ControlSafe control and monitoring of an external brakeMonitoring brake active, optional brake travel monitoring, brake test function
SCA | Safe CamWhile the motor position is within a specified range, a safe output signal is generatedOptional inverted range monitoring, optional speed monitoring in range, optional speed/position limit curve, parameterizable for monitoring of approach to range limits
SSM | Safe Speed MonitorWhile the motor speed is lower than a specified value, a safe output signal is generatedSpeed limit value, filter value parameterizable
SAR | Safe Acceleration RangeThe compliance of the motor acceleration within specified limits is monitoredSpeed limit value, filter value parameterizable
ECS | Encoder Control MutingError status of the speed/position sensor-
PDM | Position Deviation MutingMuting of deviation monitoring in 2-sensor modeActivation on alarm or active input, activation time
SBT | Safe Break TestSafe monitoring and testing of external, mechanical brakes or internal motor half brakesCustomized function with all necessary parameters, suitable for one or two brakes per direction of movement
SAC | Safely Analog ControlMonitoring of an analog input signalBasis for safe analog processing like load, torque or weight
SSR | Safe Speed RangeMonitoring of a safe speed rangeNot only speed range, but also with acceleration and tolerance for short exceeding of defined range
STR | Safe Torque RangeMonitoring of a safe torque rangePossible in combination speed and direction of rotation
SMT | Safe Monitor TemperatureSafe monitoring of the temperature of a monitorAlso suitable for demand/process technology
ACS | Analog Control MutingMuting of diagnostics for analog input interfaceSuppression of failed sensors in commissioning states to allow reduced operation
ICS | Input Control MutingMuting of diagnostics for digital inputsSuppression of failed sensors in commissioning states to enable reduced operation
DEM | Dynamic Encoder MutingSpeed-dependent muting function and status output for diagnostic function for monitoring speed sensorsMuting of encoder signals if no safety-relevant conditions are met
PRF | Position Reference FunctionAdaptation of safe encoder values to static positionEncoder values can be checked and always adapted to fixed control points, e.g. for applications with slippage.
SMF | Safe Matrix FunctionSafe cell properties in a matrix, which can be changed by events in a safety-related mannerSafe function for database cooperation such as storage locations, changeable interference contours, floors, dynamic forbidden zones
EOS | External Encoder OffsetOffset of a position encoder is adapted in a safety-oriented manner to new conditionsFunction for adaptation of static encoders to mechanical changes, such as new HOME position, changed dimension, etc. without reparameterization