More Safety

To ensure processes in the production area and in logistics, it is often necessary to monitor not only the speeds and position but also the environment of automated guided vehicles.

With the upcoming 'SSCU/1' series, BBH Products introduces a freely programmable and configurable safety controller with integrated scanner interface. Up to six scanners can be connected. The safety controller is suitable as a platform both for the application of the safety functions required for AGVs and for area monitoring in the production area. Special program modules for steering angle and speed-dependent area switching or status-dependent activation of monitoring areas simplify the implementation of even complex tasks. With a cycle time of 4 ms, the series guarantees a fast response to dynamic processes.

At a glance

  • Safety component for AGVs: SSCU safety control
  • Integrated scanner interface for up to 6 laser scanners
  • Safety functions for speed, range & direction monitoring
  • Modularly expandable with axis and IO modules


Safety control: SSCU/1/AX, base unit, FSoE master device
Safety control SSCU/1, base unit, FSoE master device

The 'SafePLC²' software tooling enables simple and transparent programming, parameterization and diagnostics/validation.


BBH I SAFETY solution+

Our modular and expandable safety controllers represent the ideal solution for complete safety management in mechanical engineering. With the integrated safety functions, the applications can be createdeasily and safely in accordance with the standards. Extensive diagnostic functions allow errors to be found quickly, thus reducing downtimes.