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SMX Series with OPC UA

SMX Series Safety controller with integrated OPC UA server

Safety goes smart – SMX Series now optional with integrated OPC UA server, the standard gateway for Industry 4.0

The integrated OPC-UA server provides both fieldbus-independent connectivity for process data and acyclic data services for status and service information. The lower-level gateway to the sensor/actuatoric enables an information penetration even at this level. In combination with a service station, predictive service, condition management, etc. for safety components are easy and easy to implement.

The SMX Modular and SMX Compact are modular and programmable safety controllers with an optional universal communication interface for all common fieldbus protocols. An OPC UA server accessible via TCP/IP services has been integrated into this communication interface.

The OPC-UA Server provides both static device metrics and dynamically updated status information. Their data can also be accessed via the corresponding gateway to the sensor and actuator level connected to the safety control. With this standardized interface, both HMI solutions are easy to implement and detailed information such as safety characteristics, information on the service life of the sensors, condition data of the safety outputs and data sheets as well as order information, pictures or drawings. In addition, intelligent sensors/actuators such as devices with SD bus interface, etc.  information about the actuator, the serial number of the device, the temperature in the sensor as well as error messages (e.g. cross-circuit, internal device error, communication error, overtemperature, output Y1/Y2, etc.).

By means of the subscriber/provider service integrated in the OPC-UA server, the safety controller can exchange process data with further standard or safety controllers, regardless of the respective fieldbus standard. Safety goes smart.