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Welcome to BBH Products

BBH Products is a leader in the field of safe drive monitoring and deterministic, fast safety processes.

As one of the first, we have been offering comprehensive safety functions for safe drive monitoring and short, guaranteed response times for IO signal processing for 20 years now. With solutions for both safe stand-alone solutions and fieldbus-based safety technology = safety integrated, we are the right partner for all functional safety tasks.

We offer you safety solutions for your company and support you in the automation of your machines and systems - worldwide.

SMX-Series safePLC with integrated technology functions

Safe for the future with SMX of BBH Products!

The SMX series is the right answer for the safety tasks on machines and plant technology.

Safe processing of light curtains, door monitoring and -locking devices, E-stop, 2-hand-control or even safe movement control with speed and position monitoring in multi axes mode, the SMX series provides a simple, fast and economic way to solve your safety tasks.

SMX-Logic control The very best solution for every safety task!

With the integrated functions for digital signal processing like on sensors, control switches or cut-off channels typical safety task can be solved very comfortable. But SMX offers much more!

Safe motion monitoring on highest demands - no problem with SMX.

Firmware based on monitoring functions with many field proofed extended functions take care for a simple and transparent realization of any such task.

Safety advanced exactly - naturally for SMX.

SafePLC² MEETS DRIVE Safety advanced

Realization of the European directive for machines - dead easy with the SMX SafePLC². Whether just few safe digital signals on a machine or a complete production plant unit with up to 100 safe I/O and 12 safe axis - SMX offers the best solution for every such tasks.

SMX series are easy extendable and simple to integrate on the standard control environment by communication interfaces.

Tooling SafePLC² - comfortable configuration & relaxed programming

Control-switches and sensors

All control-switches and sensors like push buttons, E-stops, door interlockings, 2-hand-command devices, light curtains, scanners etc. are provided as predefined function elements. By drag and drop this function block can be easily inserted on the peripheral context menu. Simple doubleclick it and the related functionality of the device is offered to be parameterized. After selection of the input signal, the connections to the terminal will be shown graphically.

SMX safety without limits

Whether machine-industry or terotechnology, process, production or warehouse and material handling technology – SMX provides all the required safety.

In a wide range of applications, SMX demonstrates their safe ability. The scalable, modular style in addition to the praxis oriented conversion of the machine safety makes it the very best solution for most of the industry. With the new block functions even more certified branch oriented functions are offered, taking the SMX series to the best solution for your application!