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About BBH Products

Safety at its best

High-precision digital control engineering or control and instrumentation for complex plant engineering - BBH Products offers solutions at the highest level.

In various projects, from high-precision digital control technology for research antennas to complex distributed multi-axis systems with synchronous drive controls, BBH Products could prove its efficiency many times and for many years.

To deliver reliable systems based on our experience is our guiding principle, to use new technologies is our passion - this guarantees you the latest technology with highest reliability. In many hundreds of safety-relevant applications we have proven our safety-related know-how and complemented it with new experience.

BBH Products has in-depth knowledge in dealing with relevant safety standards, broad implementation experience and "in-house" resources for safety engineering, hardware design and product selection as well as programming and commissioning of industry standard safety controllers and field buses. BBH Products was created in practice and born by the need in application.

We are looking forward to put this experience at your disposal. If it is only a tip, advice or simple consultation, or consult us for a safety related system solution, a risk analysis, or with a system FMEA.

We also take over the complete execution and documentation of the safety test or acceptance of your task - BBH Products offers you an optimal and complete service for your machines and plant safety.

Cross-industry represented

drive technology | warehouse logistics | automotive industry | production plants Elevator
technology | Conveyor systems | Wind turbines | Cranes

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